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Lead With Personal Power
 Master Business Leadership Through Professional Coaching

I can help you to:

- Enhance your personal power

- Present a powerful leadership presence

- Create stronger business partnerships

- Increase your earning power

- Be more efficient with your time and efforts

- Realize your career goals

You might have tried different strategies and actions, without achieving the results you need. Maybe you have a sense that a deeper level of change is needed.

“Organizations learn only through individuals who learn.

Individual learning does not guarantee organizational learning.

But without it, no organizational

learning occurs.”



Founder, Society for Organizational Learning.

Coaching helps you clarify what’s important. My practice focuses on increasing your self-awareness—which leads to greater self-management. The result is insight that spurs you into new actions creating desired results.


“Paulina has exceptional insight and judgement into business situations. She has learned the lessons of strong leadership from her experiences. She is able to create a collaborative culture that values people and stimulates them to do their best whenever she is involved. I am pleased to give her the highest reference.”

Betty A. Sproule

Director, Strategy Services, Chasm Institute

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