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Achieve With Personal Power
 Create the Life You Want Through Personal Coaching

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Self-leadership, also known as
Personal Power,
describes how you lead your own life. It’s a practice of intentionally influencing your thinking, understanding your emotions, learning to use your body as a resource, and taking actions towards your goals.  

My job as your coach is to connect you with what you care about, guide you to make new personal choices, and learn new tools to make critical shifts in your personal life. 

“There is only one corner

of the universe you can be

certain of improving,

and that’s your own self.”



I can help you to:

- Enhance your personal power

- Be freer and more compassionate

  with yourself and others

- Overcome your sense of not being “enough”

- Increase your confidence

- Create more fulfilling friendships

- Take more effective action in your pursuits

- Reduce stress levels

- Gain perspective

- Raise energy levels

- Increase options in all you do

“Anyone would want to have a coach like Paulina. She is an excellent listener which enables her to ask meaningful questions. She cares deeply and is very reassuring and empathetic. She speaks clearly and confidently which generates trust. I recruited her to develop my leadership skills. Our work has enabled me to understand leadership styles, recognize my strengths and gain the confidence to be an effective leader”

Carlos Ferreira, Oakland CA

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