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Paulina Mustazza

I am a certified leadership coach, facilitator, and teacher. My clients describe me as insightful, challenging and supportive.


I am known for a combination of clarity and warmth, precision and empathy, that has attracted people seeking connection and meaning in their professional and personal lives.  I have vast experience working with business professionals and their teams, immigrants, students, and individuals.


“Soma” is a Greek word that refers to “the living body in its wholeness.”  I have been trained to integrate the body into my coaching. This approach yields transformational results. Not only do you feel more present and powerful, you also project this to others. The somatic approach will increase your physical, mental and emotional awareness. 

It deeply matters to me to be of service. Few things are more gratifying than my experience as a coach. My clients and I work to eliminate old internal stories that hold them back.


Behavior is aligned with their values; and their self-esteem and confidence increases. New insights lead to new actions that create desired results. 


For me, work doesn’t get better than this!

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